Architects Paper offer a truly innovative range of wallcoverings, using a variety of raw material such as rust, metallic, magnetic and their Stoneplex Sand; the 'Stone on a roll', a unique development of a geologist's tool.  Sourced from quarries around the world, this real sandstone stratum is bonded to a scrim back, is flexible and allows for a seamless installation.  Stoneplex is available in Concrete, Slate and Travertine.  These three are flexible imitations made with mineral filler material.  The robust, true-to-nature surface has sound-proofing and warmth insulation properties.  

Stoneplex Slate - Anthracite
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Stoneplex Slate - Anthracite

Stoneplex Slate - Copper

Stoneplex Slate - Gold

Stoneplex Slate - Bronze

Stoneplex Slate - Silver

Stoneplex Slate - Pearly

Stoneplex Travertin - Grey

Stoneplex Travertin - White

Stoneplex Concrete 1 - Grey

Stoneplex Concrete 2 - Grey

Stoneplex Concrete 1 - Red

Stoneplex - Sand 2

Stoneplex - Sand 5

Stoneplex - Sand 8